Fast Track NIE Numbers

An NIE number is your financial fingerprint in Spain


If you’re thinking of spening any extended time in Spain then one of the first things you will have to do is apply for an NIE (Número de Identidad Extranjero) Number.

What is an NIE Number?

Your NIE number is your fiscal and official identification in Marbella.

The literal translation of Número de Identidad Extranjero is “Identification Number for Foreigners”.

The NIE number always starts with an “X” and is followed by seven numbers and a letter.

When will I need an NIE number in Marbella?

You need it for everything that involves a tramite or official process in Marbella.

So when you buy property, open a bank account, buy a car, connect to utilities and pay tax you will be required to give your NIE number.

Also if you are starting a business or buying company in Marbella you will need an NIE number.

How do I apply for an NIE number in Marbella?

One way is to get together all the relevant documentation and then go, early in the morning, to the appropriate places in Marbella for the relevant document submission and queue until you are seen. This usually requires a couple of trips to Marbella if all your paperwork is in order.

Alternatively, BENCH & CO offer a hassle-free service where we do all the leg-work and form-filling for you.

All we require is a Power of Attorney and a notarized copy of your passport for each applicant. We then process your application and send the document to you at home.

Getting an NIE number can involve a lot of waiting

Getting an NIE number can involve a lot of waiting

How long does it take to get an NIE number?

Our fastrack service can get an NIE number in as little as three working days. But the usual time is around five working days.

Do NIE numbers last for ever?

Once you are allocated a number, you keep it throughout your life in Spain.

However, NIE certificates are now being granted with a 3 month time limit – after which you are expected to register as either a Spanish tax resident or as a non-resident.

Some Notaries will refuse to process a sale if the 3 month limit has been passed so be sure to check the date on your form.

Do I need to provide passport photos for my NIE card?

No the NIE “card” is, in fact, an A4 sheet of paper which bears an original stamp from the Police. You should keep this original document safe as you will need it on a regular basis in Marbella.