Our 10 Promises To You


When acting for you, we will always seek to:

1   Represent your interests at all times;

2   Discover what you hope to achieve and ensure that your expectations are realistic;

3   Explain things clearly, in language you can understand, using jargon only where strictly necessary;

4   Agree with you the service from BENCH & CO that you can expect;

5   Identify/Introduce who will be handling your work and ensure you can contact relevant people;

6   Outline and agree what our fees are for service(s) agreed;

7   Keep you informed of costs at all times so you can decide if a particular action is financially sensible;

8   Respond to your letters and phone calls as soon as practically possible;

9   Update you on progress as your work proceeds;

10  Keep what you tell us confidential, and refuse to act for anyone else if doing so could compromise that confidentiality.

& here’s how you can help us

1  Give us clear instructions and tell us immediately if things change;

2   Let us know any important time limits and deal promptly with any request we make for documentation;

3   Keep safe all papers and documents which may be even slightly connected to your case;

4   Let us know if anything is worrying you;

5   Co-operate with us and not ask us to act in an improper or unreasonable way.


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